ISSUE 71  September 13th, 2002





From July 10 to 14 2002, a Catholic Charismatic Conference was held in Ostrava. This gathering was participated by about 2000 people from the Czech Republic, in this city for the first time. Catholic Charismatic Renewal could not organise its gatherings before the fall of the Communist regime in 1989. People who got in contact with the Renewal used to join the non-Catholics at their own convocations. In 1990, the first Catholic Charismatic Conference took place in Hradec Králové.

About 200 participants met for a couple of days in one of the city's theatres. Every year, international speakers (from the last years eg. H. Capello, N. Baumert, K. McDonnel, B. Dembowski, M. Taylor, B. Clewett, P. Madre, O. Turbat, K. Lehtinen, L. Fabre, T. Edwards, J. Mallia) were invited to give teachings and testimonies on various topics. Common prayer, as well as the celebration of the Eucharist, makes a very important part of the meetings. We are very happy to welcome some of the bishops of Czech dioceses at the Conference who express their support to the event.

The topic of this year's Conference was: "My hope, O Lord, is in you!" (Ps 25:21). The convention was opened by the Eucharist celebrated by bishop of Ostrava, Frantisek Lobkowitz. Fr. Daniel Ange gave touching talk on living hope in Christ. Hans and Susi Eisenhardt from Vienna were sharing their experience from mission work in Africa. Other catechises and teachings were given by Czech speakers, Fr. V. Kodet, K. Lachmanová, Fr. A. Opatrný, Fr. C. Jakob, and others. The 5-day gathering was closed by the Eucharist with Archbishop Erwin Ender, apostolic nuncio in the Czech Republic.

David Voprada


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