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In recent years the CCR entered Rumania. We received this report from Sr Felicitas Butacu: 


The chronicle of the “Ruah” prayer group started in November 1994, the year which marked also the beginning of the “Pier Giorgio Frassati” group activity.
Joliff Erwan, a French young man from the “Emanuel” community, wishing to introduce in the Romanian church the charismatic movement’s spirit, started to work with a few sisters from the “Virgin Mary” Institute from Popesti Leordeni (Bucharest). So, one Sunday evening, he suggested the sisters (Sr Felicitas, Sr Cristiana, Sr Stefania, Sr Petra, Sr Claudia, Sr Patricia) to pray in this spirit. For the sisters, this new prayer spirit, full of life, a real worship of God, has been something very special. So, the sisters continued to meet every Sunday to praise the Lord, singing and dancing Hebrew dances.

In November 1997 new activities started in the group, like: reading the Bible (“Lectio Divina”) and editing the “Ephatta” leaflet (available until 2000), which meant to be a start for the spiritual renewal of our community. The group has been called “Ruah”. 
The two groups (“Ruah” and “Pier Giorgio Frassati”) organized together in 1997 a short session about the Holy Spirit, having as guest Sr Catherine Bez from The Beatitudes’ Community from France, Murinais. The session ended with the effusion of the Holy Spirit, with intercession, healing and prophecy prayers.

In 1998 the “Ruah” group organised the second effusion of the Holy Spirit, for the sisters who had not participated in the first session. 

In May 1999, the two prayer groups met father Daniel Ange, for a conference and for celebrating together the “Shabat” festivity, in a joyful atmosphere, with Hebrew dances. During 1999, the “Ruah” group continued to meet every Tuesday evening for the prayer, being also invited students and young families. So, our group opened to the laic people, in order to give them a deep communion in the church.

In the year 2000 we had a third effusion of the Holy Spirit. Our weekly activity diversified with the charismatic formation courses (on Mondays), and the conferences (on Wednesdays), besides the usual charismatic prayer (on Tuesdays). We had for the conferences guests from different fields: father Tarciziu Serban (Biblic studies), father Adrian Boboruta (philosophy) and father Victor Dumitrescu (the spiritual priest of the group).

The effusion of the Holy Spirit has been received during the Pentecost week, in a two days’ session, by 49 sisters and 15 laic people.

At the end of May 2000, Paul Istode, the animator of the “Pier Giorgio Frassati” group, invited two guests from Italy: Mr Oreste Pesare (the director of I.C.C.R.S.-Rome) and Mr Tarcizio Mezzetti (the founder of the “Magnificat” community from Italy). The two guests had a short meeting with Mons. Ioan Robu, the archbishop of Bucharest, upon the charismatic movement. Two sisters (Sr Felicitas and Sr Petra) also attended the meeting. A Holy Mass has been celebrated with the participation of His Excelency Jean-Claude Perisset, Nuncio Apostolic for Romania.

The two prayer groups merged in one group, for which five animators have been chosen: (Sr Cristiana, Sr Petra, Sr Mediatrix, Sr Claudia, Sr Felicitas). 
In October 2001, the two groups separated, the “Pier Giorgio Frassati” group was integrated in the Institute, with ignatian spirituality

In 2002, the prayer evenings continued, with the participation of more students and families. As a new idea, we organised one week-end monthly, with a brotherhood changing experiences in the Holy Spirit.

She added: The experience of the Czestochowa meeting has been extraordinary, and I hope it will be fruitful for us. It is the time for the laic people to involve themselves in the charismatic renewal. Our role is to suport and help them. It is a new start for all of us. Please pray for us. 

Sr Felicitas Butacu, new e-mailaddress: 
We were happy to meet in Czestochowa also four people from Hungarian-speaking Rumania. With help from Hungary there are now several Hungarian groups of CCR, having also a leaders-training.



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