ISSUE 101  October 14th, 2003




In this issue: Catholic Charismatic community in Bari,
Italy, works for peace and unity

News from ICCRS-member Matteo Calisi in Italy:

"To the benefit of EUCCRIL readers, we hereby provide you the program of the International Meeting for Peace to All Nations "Kairòs 2003". It will be held in Bari, Italy from October 17th till October 19th, 2003, organized by "Comunità di Gesù". You can follow the Meeting direct on website:

The theme of this conference is: "Witnesses of Christian Faith and New Martyrs in Europe"

(Revelation 12: 11). This year's meeting is mostly focussed on the martyrdom of Christians under the totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century in Europe, in an ecumenical perspective.

It will be a reconciliation meeting open to the dialogue among Roman Catholics, Orthodoxes, Evangelicals, Protestants, Lutherans, Pentecostals and Non-denominationals: an event that will allow us to deepen "the walk towards the visible union of the Churches in Europe" ( Carta Oecumenica, KEK-CCEE II, 2).

It will be a meeting focused on rediscovery of the Christian roots of Europe, so that there is a new opening of the European nations to the preaching of the Gospel.

It will be an international meeting with speakers from Russia, France, Rumania, Belarus, Germany, Moldova, Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Vatican City.

It will highlight the liaison between Eucharist and Martyrdom, such as the Tradition witnesses (Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp, the Martyrs of Abitene.), as a spiritual reflection and a preparation to the National Eucharist Congress that will be held in Bari from May 21st till May 29th, 2005.

It will be a charismatic meeting where it will be possible to make the experience of a new 'Baptism in the Spirit' (Acts 1: 5) and a renewed outpour of the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It will be a praise and worship meeting to the glory of Jesus Christ, our only Savior and Messiah, the Prince of Peace!

My warmest regards

Yours in Christ,
Matteo Calisi
President of Comunità di Gesù



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