ISSUE 102  October 14th, 2003




In this issue: Important announcement.

September 7th - 11th 2005 is the next European ICCRS-conference of leaders and intercessors

The European sub-committee of ICCRS is happy to announce a new European Catholic Charismatic Gathering of leaders and intercessors. It will be in Hungary, September 7th - 11th 2005.

We kindly invite you to block the dates in your agenda: Wednesday 7th evening till Sunday 11th noon.

We have seen what the Lord has don in our midst during our European Gathering and Pilgrimage in Czestochowa, Auschwitz and Krakau, September 2002 (see the reports in Euccril 72, 76, 77 and 82 on our European website


We understand that we have to continue our engagement to intercession and reconciliation in 2003, 2004 and 2005. It is something to work for on national level and with neighbouring countries. But in September 2005 we want to meet again on the European level like we did in Poland, September 2005.

As an important part of the European CCR-networking and of the preparation of the conference in 2005, the national representatives will meet in Prague, September 2004, like they did in Budapest March 2003 (see Euccril 86, 88 and 90).

The European sub-committee of ICCRS,

Michelle Moran, chairperson;

Pierre Chieux, vice-chairperson; Kees Slijkerman, secretary;

Matteo Calisi; Lszl Gorove; Kim Catherine-Marie Kollins;

Oreste Pesare; Michael Slavik; Charles Whitehead.




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