ISSUE 84  March 14th, 2003




Dear readers,

A very important meeting for the CCR in Europe is coming. March 27th, 2003 in Hungary will gather the national representatives of the Renewal in about 21 European nations.

I have asked the Lord for a word from Scripture (don't do that often) for this meeting. In my mind came 1 Chronicles 13. When I found this words I was struck by the content:

The leaders of Israel just had asked David to be their king. Now David arranged a leaders-meeting. They made a decision that was agreed by God and by all the people. They saw: we have neglected something important in the time of king Saul. They sent out a message to all the people.

I simply ask you to pray for the meeting we have March 27th - 30th, 2003. That we can make some good decisions that are acceptable to the Lord and to the whole CCR in Europe. 

To the leaders-meeting in 1 Chronicles 13 the next step to do was: bring the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem. What will be the next step on the European level of CCR?

We are again in an process of starting to know each other, many new representatives will come. The Lord did great things with us during the European Gathering and Pilgrimage to Czestochowa, Auschwitz and Krakau, September 2002 (see ICCRS-NEWSLETTER November 2002 or EUCCRIL-ISSUE 76 and 82). What has to be the next step? We ask you: Please pray for us.

Kees Slijkerman, 

secretary of the European ICCRS sub-committee



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