ISSUE 87  April 14th, 2003






One hundred and sixty people attended a day of Healing through the Eucharist organised by the Glasgow Renewal team on 11th January. The speakers were Morag Fitzsimmons and John Cairns from Christ the King prayer group and the Rhema prayer group. Nan Downie, one of the co-ordinating team commented, "We often invite speakers from outside Scotland but we had a word recently about developing our gifts. We realised because we were not using the gifts we had, they were not being developed, so we looked around us and thought about who we felt had the gift of teaching and asked Morag and John to do the talks. And they were both very good." 

In February the team also organised an ecumenical weekend with the theme "I plead with you to be of one mind and thought and purpose" (1 Cor 1. 10-12) as a follow up to the one they had last year. Among the speakers were Hugh Wallace, from the Church of Scotland, Steve Anderson from Prayer for the City and one of the leaders of the local Assembly of God Church. Grace Binnie from Paisley was the Catholic Charismatic Renewal representative. 


Octogenarian Brother Paul Sacco, the Marist brother who has led the Anawim prayer group community in Glasgow at the end of January resigned as leader at the end of January this year. The new leader is Mary Cargill. The community has also had to change the premises where they meet, and have been praying about a new location. They have now been invited by Fr William Mone, parish priest of St Paul's Whiteinch, who has wanted a charismatic prayer group in his parish for some, to bring Anawim to his parish. 

The community plan to run the Life in the Spirit seminars at St Paul's, starting April 24th and finishing June 5th, the week before Pentecost, and they are hoping many parishioners from St Paul's might be encouraged to attend because of the support they are receiving from the parish priest. The community's Friday night Holy House will continue to be held at the Marist House 8-9 pm until further notice as will the seminar "Lord Teach us to Pray", which is being followed by 20 people. 

Bro Paul comments, "Although I have retired as leader, I hope to continue to help the Charismatic movement in whatever way
possible: I owe so much to it. I believe if we understood it better, and were steeped in its spirituality and convinced of its power, we would see great happenings in the Church which Christ founded." Further details about the activities and meetings of Anawim contact David and Mary Cargill 01389 767924.


Hilde Bardell writes: Being so far north in the UK means that we can feel very isolated at Catholics. We only have a small parish church but are blessed to have a resident priest for the Isles. We see our mission as one of praying for and working towards renewal in our RC parish of St Margaret's in Lewick, but also of walking with other Christians in Shetland towards a renewal and revival in these islands. There have been many prophetic words over the years about a light/flame coming from the North and spreading down to join other flames burning for the Lord in the UK. Prophetic words have came from all the different denominations including Roman Catholics. Those who might be interested in seeing a copy of these prophetic words should contact Hilde Bardell, Marantha,Gord, Cunningsburgh, Shetland ZE2 9HG.

This news comes with permission from Good News-Magazine, March/April 2003



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