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We received a beautiful personal impression of the European meeting of National representatives, March 27-30th, 2003 in Hungary, written by Manuel Carracedo from Spain.
He shows very clearly why this meetings are so important. It also can encourage other countries to link up better with neighbouring countries. 

Manuel Carracedo wrote:

Meeting in Budapest: days full of grace
I think it is vital that our country may always be represented in this type of meetings. Apart from the general acts, it has been very important to share impressions with our brothers from other countries in our free time. To know their situation, how they are organised, what difficulties they have, how they have solved certain problems, etc, etc.

We have asked France to send us the diagram of how they are structured; I think we can find some valid things for us.

What we shared with Portugal was very enriching. Its actual situation, its organisation its statutes, etc. We had a spontaneous desire to know more of each other; they proposed the possibility that our Spanish National Committee and the Portugal National Committee could have a meeting collectively. We should invite them to our National Conference and other Conferences in a more official way.

We also shared with countries with very different realities from ours, England, Germany... The Eastern Countries, which we carry very specially in our hearts: Ukraine, Croatia, etc.

We saw some things that could help us to overcome some of the problems that we are having now, as for example the communities, evangelisation schools, and other realities of the CCR.
Manuel Carracedo
- The official press-release on the meeting in Hungary was in Euccril 86. 


- In the end of the meeting was announced that in the second half of 2004 there will be again such a meeting of National representatives (one or two from each country) and in the second half of 2005 again a European leaders-conference like we had in Poland, September 2002.
- The new chosen European committee will meet in Rome, May 4-6th, 2003. They are open to receive suggestions and questions. Lets pray for good decisions.

Kees Slijkerman, secretary



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