ISSUE 89  May 16th, 2003




In this issue: 
- Nine days of prayer for Europe
- The day that the Gospel first entered Europe

The European sub-committee of ICCRS likes to invite you to pray in the nine days before Pentecost for Europe. At the European meeting of national representatives of Catholic Charismatic Renewal, March 2003 near Budapest, the decision was taken to link together in a united effort for nine days of prayer (novena) during Ascension to Pentecost for three major intentions for Europe: 
- Renewal of the Church in Europe, 
- Unity of Christianity in Europe and 
- the Renewal of European Society.

These intentions are the prophetic intuitions of Blessed Elena Guerra, who inspired Pope Leo XIII to call the entire Church to a perpetual novena to the Holy Spirit every Ascension to Pentecost for the Unity of Christianity. It is a call of a “Return to the Cenacle /Upper Room for nine intense days of Prayer (day and night, where possible) of the Pentecost Novena with adoration and intercession with a focus on these 3 intentions. 

Three days before we start this united prayer for Europe - Monday before Ascension, May 26th, 2003 -, we read in the Eucharist, Acts 16,11-15. It tells us how the Gospel entered Europe.

Originally nobody in Europe did ever hear about Jesus until a Jewish missionary came to Europe to share with us his faith that Jesus of Nazareth was the long expected Messiah, the King of the Jews, the Son of God and the Lord of all creation. 

Monday May 26th we each can privately thank the Lord for the day that the gospel first entered our continent, as it is written in Acts 16,11-15. It came from Asia to Europe and from the Jews to the Gentiles.
We can celebrate this in our personal prayer-time and maybe we can think about the question: what is my contribution to re-evangelise Europe? 

Acts 16,6-10 tells the very charismatic story that brought Paul to stop some plans and to go a new way (because of a vision): to Europe. Sometimes the Spirit holds us back from doing our own good plans to lead us on His new ways.

Kees Slijkerman



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