ISSUE 91  June 2, 2003




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In this issue:
- more information from Oreste Pesare on the next world-wide ICCRS-event.

The most important international event that ICCRS organises for Facilitators and Helpers, Counsellors, Prayer Meeting Leaders, Diocesan and National coordinators, Leaders of Covenant Communities and Fellowships of the Charismatic Renewal worldwide.
We have called this Mega-event the “12 days of blessings!”. It offers the opportunity to attend three important events: 
1. Charismatic Leaders' Consultation September 18th-20th, 2003 in Rome
2. Spiritual Retreat for Charismatic Leaders September 20th - 25th in Rome
3. a Pilgrimage to some of the Holy places in Italy September 25th-30th 2003.

The deadline for ALL registration forms and deposits is 30th June 2003.
You can choose to attend all three events or just one or two.

1. Charismatic Leaders’ Consultation
18th-20th 2003, Castelgandolfo, Rome – Italy

The main goal of this Consultation is to give participants the opportunity to reflect and share about the present situation in the Charismatic Renewal worldwide, by sharing from their own experiences in their regions and/or countries and then to discern together where the Spirit is leading the Charismatic Renewal for the future. Special questions on these matters will be prepared for the participants as basic guideline for discussion. Special sessions are planned for key leaders. Charles Whitehead, Allan Panozza and Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa will be the main speakers.

2. Spiritual Retreat for Charismatic Leaders
20th-25th 2003, Castelgandolfo, Rome – Italy

A four day retreat to reflect on the tasks and challenges for the Charismatic Renewal in the third millennium. The reflection will be on holiness, according to “Novo Millennio Ineunte”: the measure of ordinary Christian life is holiness (cf.NMI n.31). Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa will be the retreat master. 
Special guests from ecclesial movements and other Christian churches will join the assembly.
Card. James Stafford and Bp. Stanislaw Rylko, President and Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, will be among the celebrants of the Eucharist.

3. Pilgrimage to holy sites in Italy
25th-30th 2003, Castelgandolfo, Rome – Italy

Following the retreat, there will be a exceptional opportunity to renew the faith at special places covering some of the better known holy sites in Italy led by different spiritual guides.Sister Briege McKenna, Fr. Rufus Pereira and Fr. Michael Slavik will be among them. Bp. Joseph Grech from Australia, will be among the celebrants of the Eucharist.
- St. Maria Incoronata Shrine at Foggia - Tomb of St. Pio at San Giov. Rotondo
- Cave of St. Michael at Monte S. Angelo - Eucharistic Miracle at Lanciano
Coliseum, Catacombs, St. Paul and St. Peter Basilicas, Vatican Museum at Rome. 

Hear some of the best know speakers and preachers in the world.
Make a retreat in the shady peace of Castelgandolfo on the outskirts of Rome.
Join a pilgrimage to some of the Holy sights of the beautiful and historic Italy.
Meet old friends and find some new ones too!

Too good to be true?
Yet you know that God is abundant in His love and perhaps he is calling you to share this
12 days of blessings. Or maybe you can only manage a short break for one part of the event.
Either way, we are waiting to welcome you to join us as beloved laborers in Christ’s own vineyard.

The costs for the events are as follows:

Charismatic Leaders’ Consultation
Registration fee : € 60.00
Accommodation : € 75.00
Shuttle buses Mariapolis Centre/Institutes: € 15.00

Accommodation fee includes :
* Full-board from dinner Sept. 18th to lunch Sept. 20th
* Accommodation in twin or triple rooms

Spiritual Retreat for Charismatic Leaders
Registration fee : € 180.00
Accommodation : € 185.00
Shuttle buses Mariapolis Centre/Institutes: € 35.00

Accommodation fee includes :
* Full-board from dinner Sept. 20th to lunch Sept. 25th
* Accommodation in twin or triple rooms

Pilgrimage to holy sites in Italy
Registration fee : € 150.00
Accommodation and transport : € 350.00

Accommodation and transport fee includes :
- Full-board from dinner Sept. 25th to breakfast Sept. 30th
- Accommodation in twin or triple rooms
- Travel by coach for the whole pilgrimage
- Free entry to the sites

N.B.= Possible financial help for people from East Europe (please contact the ICCRS Office through the National Contact Coordinator in your own country).

Then put the dates in your diary and send for a Registration Form straight away:
Registration Forms are available at the ICCRS Office or please download a copy from the website:  

E-mail :  
Fax : +39 Tel.: +39
Postal Address ICCRS, Palazzo della Cancelleria, 00120 Vatican City, Italy, Europe



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