ISSUE 97  September 8th, 2003




In this issue: CCR initiated the Catholic-Pentecostal dialogue in the Netherlands

Inspired by teachings of dr. Peter Hocken and the testimony of prof. dr. Matteo Calisi in the ICCRS-conference in Fiuggi 1998, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Netherlands started to do something for a dialogue of Roman Catholics and Pentecostals in the Netherlands. Co-operating with the secretary of the official Catholic body for Ecumenical work and in contact with the Bishops-conference this dialogue developed very well. 

Starting in the end of 1999 there have been now eight dialogue-meetings. Subjects were: ministry of healing, care for the sick, the Word of God, the understanding of Church and the document Dominus Iesus.

The next dialogue will be, D.V., in November 2003 with the subject: how do we experience the Eucharist? How do we meet Christ in the Eucharist? From Catholic side a bishop will speak.

The role of people who are involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal has been important because they share with the Pentecostals the experience of the baptism in the Spirit. This dialogue-meetings always start with half an hour free worshipping the Lord and sharing some personal testimonies. In each meeting from both sides 7 to 12 persons participate. Press-releases and readers are published on internet to involve many people in this reconciling process of dialogue.

An English overview of this dialogue has been published on the internet,  , English section, document 0093uk. Some other English texts from this dialogue and from mgr. dr. Peter Hocken are on the same site.

On behalf of the NSC in the Netherlands,

Kees Slijkerman



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