ISSUE 56 March 4th, 2002

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Janez Cerkovnik (president of CCR Service team in Slovenia), sent us a report on ecumenical meetings.

From 7.2.02 to 10.2.02 Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia hosted a charismatic ecumenical conference. The speakers were Olivia and Anthony Sanchez, and Matteo Calisi, vice president of ICCRS. In the Spirit of unity the Lord gave us grace, to cooperate in the organization of the conference with Assemblies of God and Christian Center pastors.

Thursday the 7th we prayed for the new outpouring and for the baptism in the Holy Spirit in the Franciscan prayer group in Ljubljana with aprox. 200 believers present. Anthony and Olivia Sanchez led us trough the Pentecostal event and the biblical promises into God's presence, where many experienced the presence of Jesus for the firs time.

Friday was the day dedicated to leaders from the CCR and from the Pentecostal churches. It was the day of refreshing and droving in to God's presence. We had three teachings, one on prayer and God's presence, two on prophecy. Than Anthony, Olivia and our healing prayer team prayed for all who were burdened and wanted more anointing for their service to the Lord.

On Saturday Feb the 9th was a conference on the University of theology in Ljubljana attended by aprox. 600 believers. After worship, Matteo Calisi revealed us the Fathers heart on unity of all who call on the name of Jesus. His dynamic and Spirit filled message lifted all the auditorium and our Healer was healing our relations with one another, so that the Bride of Christ would shine in unity like a Sun to the pagan world. Than Tony preached on Fathers love and healing. Matteo concluded the morning session with prayer for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The afternoon program started with the celebration of the Eucharist.

After the mass Matteo led and thought on worship. When he finished the God's presence was already heavy on all in the hall, Lord was touching the hearts and the healings started. Than Tony encouraged us and with his testimonies lifted our faith for healings. The presence of the Lord was really dense upon us, the first testimonies that have come testify for inner healings and deliverances. The conference ended with healing ministry.

The Sunday program started in the morning service in the International Christian Community. Matteo again delivered a powerful message of unity and it is also the message from the Father's heart, Holy Spirit was melting our hearts and gave us a great joy sensed only when the brothers and sisters live together in unity. At the end Matteo Calisi and the Assemblies of God pastor leading the community, hugged each other and the building almost exploded from the shouts of joy of all believers gathered there, and than the whole assembly prayed over all CCR and charismatic leaders to be anointed to fulfill the prayer of Jesus for the unity of the Church.

Evening program started at 18.00 in the Christian Center. Again believers from all denominations were gathered and united in the Spirit.

Anthony Sanchez was speaking on the urgency of the last times and the importance of our love and devotion to our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. As the red line he used the parable on the ten virgins.

Than the manifest presence of God filled the place and we just enjoyed and rested in Him.

We are thankful to the Lord for all grace and love, which he poured on all of us.

We also thank His servants, Matteo Calisi, Anthony and Olivia Sanchez for being faithful and obedient donkeys for the Lord, that he could ride trough our midst.

Goran Jeglic, member of Slovenian CCR Service team.


To study:

On website StuCom document 0002 and 0004 you can find EVANGELIZATION, PROSELYTISM AND COMMON WITNESS, The Report from the Fourth Phase of the International Dialogue 1990 - 1997 Between the Roman Catholic Church and some Classical Pentecostal Churches and Leaders


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