ISSUE 83  March 11th, 2003





The Assembly of Coordinators in Magdalenka 

On 1st and 2nd March 2003 a meeting the Assembly of Charismatic Renewal's Coordinators took place in Magdalence close to Warsaw (about 55 persons present). It was time of sharing, prayer and teaching. At the beginning President of the Assembly, Fr. Wojciech Nowacki, introduced new National Service Committee and asked the Assembly for approval for the next four years. The Assembly agreed to have Malgorzata Topolska (Vice-president), Fr. Andrzej Grefkowicz, Fr. Miroslaw Cholewa, Dariusz Jeziorny and Danuta Zajkowska in the NSC (we also expect approval for Joanna Walendowska during the next meeting). 

The main tasks of the NSC were described as follows: organization of yearly meetings in Czestochowa (they gather usually about 150-200 thousand. participants; the nearest one is planned for 15-17th May 2003; Oreste Pesare will be the main speaker) and priests retreat (the nearest one on 9-12 June 2003; Bp. Albert-Marie de Monleon is the main speaker), inspiring different kinds of evangelisation (with special care for evangelisation of young people), taking care of ecclesial character of Charismatic Renewal, promoting various leaders and prayer - groups participants' formation, help in overcoming local difficulties and supporting of valuable initiatives. 

We also had teaching by Fr. Józef Górzynski about liturgical formation among the Charismatic Renewal members. 

We also decided about renovation our webside ( Bishop Bronislaw Dembowski celebrated the Eucharist both days.


Those who were in Czestochowa probably remember Fr. Jozef Kozlowski SJ, who led the adoration in Czestochowa. He was a key leader in the Lodz Archidiocese (it is my one) and in Poland. He is seriously ill now (since the middle of December). He had 5 surgeries. We ask you to pray for him.




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