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PDFEUCHARIS infolettre 6:2022Dans cette édition : témoignages inspirants et paroles du Dicastère pour les Laïcs, la Famille et la Viependant le service de Communion Continental Européende Charis à Rome , du 23 au 25 septembre 2022 .12/17/202265
PDFEUCHARIS infoletter 2022:6On meeting Charis European Service of Communion in Rome Sept 202211/11/2022114
PDFEUCHARIS Infolettre 2022:5 Fr Lor s d'une réunion en ligne du Service européen de communion CHARIS, le 20 avril 2022, des témoignages for t s ont été donnés , également sur l'œcuméni sme, l'un des t roi s object if s principaux de CHARIS. Cela m'a rappelé l'œcuméni sme d'il y a 40 ans : à la Pentecôte 1982, une conférence chari smat ique œcuménique européenne hi s torique a eu lieu à St rasbourg, avec vingt mille par t icipant s de presque tous les pays d'Europe.10/18/2022173
PDFEUCHARIS infoletter 2022:5On Charismatic renewal and ecumenism. Ecumenism is one of the three goals of CHARIS. Also: Review of the historical ecumenical charismatic conference in Strasbourg Pentecost 1982.6/30/2022374
PDFEUCHARIS infoletter 2022:4Report by Kees Slijkerman, former secretary, on the establishing of the European Charis Continental Service of Communion and the elect ion of the European coordinating team.3/15/2022589
PDFEUCHARIS infoletter 2021:3European transitional Coordinating Team, especially Paolo Maino. This team organizes a first European meeting in Zoom, April 23-25th , to prepare a first official European CHARIS Continental Service of Communion.4/18/2021470
PDFEUCHARIS infoletter 2020:2 Announcement of the first European CHARIS Continental Service of Communion6/18/2020464
PDFEUCHARIS InfoLettre 2020:2 FrAnnonce de la première réunion du Service Continental Européen de Communion de CHARIS6/18/2020143
PDFEUCHARIS infoletter 2020:1CHARIS is now the unique Service of Communion for the current of grace which is the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. This is the first issue of the European CHARIS Info Letter (EUCHARISIL). We welcome all readers of the former European Catholic Charismatic Renewal Info-Letter and all other readers.5/18/2020417
PDFEUCCRIL319Historical Overview 1983 – 2019 of the meetings of the Catholic Charismatic National Service Committees (NSC’s)and National Contacts in Europe-6/3/2019790
PDFEUCCRIL 310Short basic teaching by Charles Whitehead on the prophetic gifts, given at the European Prophetic Consultation in Assisi 2018.6/21/2018563
PDFEUCCRIL 307A report of the Prophetic Consultation, Assisi March 2018. By Christof Hemberger. From 22nd till 25th of March 2018 more than 130 leaders representing the European Catholic Charismatic Renewal (nations/regions, major communities and networks) gathered in Assisi for a very special and unique meeting: The European CCR Prophetic Consultation. 4/19/2018441
MP4Video-interview with Miguel DesjardinsMiguel Desjardins, France interviewed by Kees Slijkerman on the European CCR Prophetic Consultation, Assisi 22nd till 25th of March 2018.3/25/2018434
MP4Video Kees Slijkerman about this web-siteKees Slijkerman about ICCRS European subcommittee website and newsletter.3/25/2018420
MP4Video-interview with Christof HembergerDeacon Christof Hemberger, Germany, member of ICCRS European subcommittee interviewed by Kees Slijkerman on the European CCR Prophetic Consultation, Assisi 22nd till 25th of March 2018.3/25/2018455
PDFEUCCRIL305: Father Peter Hocken, who was many times an appreciated speaker at our European meetings, passed away on the 10th of June 2017. He was also member of the doctrinal commission of ICCRS.6/16/2017586
PDFEUCCRIL304A report from Pittsburgh, February 17th-18th 2017, where 120 pioneers and international leaders of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) met at the place where CCR began in 1967. 2/27/2017522
PDFEUCCRIL300 A presentation of two very important church documents on charisms that appeared this year. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published 'Iuvenescit Ecclesia'. Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity published 'Do not quench the Spirit' (mentioning the Catholic Charismatic Renewal/Renewal in the Spirit three times and contributions from dr. Mary Healy and dr. Peter Hocken). 12/5/2016526
PDFEUCCRIL 280I have come to bring fire to the earth! (Lk 12,49) - European CCR-Conference in Warsaw, 1-4th October 2015. 500 participants from more than 35 nations came to Warsaw, Poland, in order to take part in this conference organized by ESCI (European Subcommittee of ICCRS). Report by Christof Hemberger.10/21/2015388
PDFEUCCRIL76REPORT ON THE EUROPEAN GATHERING AND PILGRIMAGE IN POLAND, SEPTEMBER '02 - EUROPE SINGS A NEW SONG About 640 leaders and intercessors from 22 European countries met in Czestochowa, Poland, to experience a strong unity in the Spirit and to listen together to the Lord. As a journalist wrote: 'Brussels may keep fences high between the European countries in the East and in the West, but in Czestochowa last week there was a visible unity of the Continent'.10/14/2002533