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Infoletter Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Sweden, February 2024

by Bengt Malmgren

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In this letter: Swedish Team Leader's Manual  for the Life in the Spirit seminars ready - Life in the Spirit seminars this spring - Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a fundamental grace for the whole Church. - Charismatic web-bookshop - New Spiritual Advisor to CHARIS - Father Cantalamessa's Prayer for the Charismatic Renewal - Mass and intercession in the Catholic Cathedral March 6th


CCR Sweden Newsletter Dec 2023

by Bengt Malmgren.

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n this letter: Called, transformed, sent – Charismatic Conference in Rome, Pope's speech. Life in the Spirit seminars in Sweden. Appeal for financial contribution to CHARIS. Recommended Books. Charismatic renewal – a Current of Grace for the whole Church.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Sweden, Newsletter Nov. 2023

from Bengt Malmgren

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In this letter: Called, Transformed and Sent - International Charismatic Conference in Rome. Synod on Synodality in Rome, what did they say about the spiritual movements? Pope Francis wants CHARIS to promote Life in the Spirit seminars. Deacon Erik Kennet Pålsson and the Charismatic Renewal. Worship in the Catholic Cathedral. Life in the Spirit seminars, intensive weekend in Järfälla.